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At GTA Medical, we take pride in our mission to improve the lives of patients and caregivers through the innovation and delivery of best-in-class medical devices and superior service. This commitment inspires each and every employee to take ownership of their role and demonstrates how we, as a company, take pride in the work we do.


EXTRACTOME Discectomy Decice

Minimally invasive procedure on the Spine to extract the hernia to reduce the pressure on the nerve root.

PROCUT Disposable Automatic system

With two programmable firing modes, It can be easily operated with one hand, making it ideal for procedures requiring ultrasound guidance.

PICA Universal Drainage Catheter

Used for percutaneous external drainage in multiple drainage applications (e.g., nephrostomy, abscess drainage,etc).

LITEBAG Drainage bag

Drainage bags for collection of fluid during nephrostomy, biliary and abscess drainage. It include. It is supplied with elastic loop and can be dressed on the leg, shoulder or waist


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Catheters and Accessorioes

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Implantables and Accessories

Transforming ideas into devices

By using what is at hand, adapting existing tools to new uses, and conceiving of entirely new solutions, innovative GTA product-development staff and brilliant physicians and technicians have collaborated to develop, evaluate, and perfect GTA devices for over 20 years.

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